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10 Hours of Coverage

This is usually a perfect amount of time to capture everything from Bride Prep through Cake Cutting & Parent Dances without missing anything important. But if you need a little extra coverage time, that's no problem!


2 Cinematographers

Two cinematographers will act as a team throughout the day to capture all of the footage necessary to create both an extremely artistic and cinematic highlight film, as well as a perfectly balanced full length archive documentary film. 


Multiple Locations For Prep

Thanks to your two cinematographers we will be able to capture both sides of the prep simultaneously without missing a thing!

Customized Creative Styling of Film

We set us apart when it comes to creative styling. Every single film is created from a blank slate and is custom-styled to match the unique tone of your wedding day. Some couples prefer a film that makes use of voiceovers and heavy time-shifting, while others prefer a film that is more chronological and relies on only the music and visuals (like a music video). Whatever the case, this custom styling is what sets us apart and why your film will feel more like your wedding than it does our other films.


3 - 5 Minute Cinematic Trailer Film

This wonderful heirloom focuses on the most key emotions and moments of the wedding day. We carefully select the most impactful moments from throughout the day, to deliver a film that really captures what the day felt like. Everything from music selection to sound design is hand-crafted to properly represent the emotion of the day.


Full, Edited Ceremony & Speeches

In addition to the cinematic trailer, we will also create an edited version of the full ceremony as well as the reception speeches. This creates a very pleasant viewing experience that is far superior to viewing raw footage alone. 


On-Demand Video Player

The days of physical discs have nearly come to an end. DVD's are nearly obsolete and Blu-Ray discs will soon follow. The wave of the future is On-Demand access. As part of your collection we include 24/7 access to your wedding film(s). This way you can watch your wedding films anytime on any device and from anywhere in the world. In addition, we also include a digital backup of this interactive player on your USB drive.

Raw Footage

As part of your collection you will also receive a backup copy of all raw footage via a digital download link - so you can see all the footage that didn't make it into the final edits. 

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