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Your wedding film should be as unique as you.

Why Choose Intrigue


You don't just want a video that shows you what happened, the way it happened. You want much more than that. You want a video that truly captures how the day felt in a cinematic, artistic and authentic way.


This is your once in a lifetime dream wedding to that once in a lifetime special partner. 


So you want a film that is going to properly tell that emotional story. And that requires much more than just a videographer.


You want a beautiful, emotional, uniquely styled and authentic film that is a customized work of art - so you need a Creative Team.

A Very Customized Approach


We've been in the business of creating these breathtaking, "more than just a video" wedding films for the past 6 years... 


And in that time we've created literally hundreds of films for completely blown away couples throughout the world.


We've developed a dream team of managers, directors, cinematographers and editors who are constantly producing films that are:


- Custom styled to match the your unique wedding tone and vibe, rather than being a carbon copy of other films.

- Captured in a totally unobtrusive way so you can actually be PRESENT on your wedding day, rather than feeling like you have to participate in the production of a wedding video.

- Built around the emotional truth of the day so the feel of the film is authentic to who you are both as individuals and as a couple.

People Are In Love With Their Videos

If we are available for your date (check here) you can have the kind of film that we've produced for hundreds of ecstatic couples that have written things like...


"The best decision I made during my wedding planning process was choosing Intrigue"


"The quality, editing, creativity, and the fact that the video really told the story of the day in such a perfect way, was PERFECT. Everyone can't stop talking about how beautiful the video is."


"Intrigue Wedding Films was able to bring the pure magic to life through their film."


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