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Destination Weddings & Travel

Intrigue Wedding Films cinematographers are able to travel for destination weddings.


Below is how we calculate travel fees.


A) DESTINATION FEE: The destination fee is a flat $200 fee that we charge if we are traveling more than 2 hours away from our studio.


B) TRAVEL TIME: Travel time is calculated in the following way:

  • 2 Hours of travel time is included at no charge

  • Travel time beyond those hours is $90/hr portal to portal (meaning once we arrive at the hotel we stop calculating the hours, and don’t start calculating the hours again until we are on our way to the airport to head home)


C) HOTEL STAY / FLIGHTS: Hotel stay and/or flights can either be provided by you (as many times couples get discounts on an added room / flight if they already have a package) or we can bill for the actual out-of-pocket cost for a standard room + flight. 

Here is an example travel fee based on a destination wedding in Florida. (Keep in mind we will calculate these totals specifically for your wedding upon request, the below is just an example)

  • Destination Fee: $200

  • Travel Time: $630 (9 Hours - 2 hours = 7 Billable Hours)

  • Hotel + Flights: $850

Total Travel Charge to Florida = $1680

Contact us to have the travel charge calculated for your wedding.

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