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How we prepare to shoot your wedding

A wedding is an interesting day. It's one of the most intimate moments of your life, surrounded by family and friends... and yet there are these strangers in your face pretty much all day. Photographers, videographers, matridee, MC, DJ, band leader, bridal attendant, limo driver, photo booth operator etc...

We're guessing you probably would rather not spend your day closer to these strangers than you are to your loved ones... are we right?

At Intrigue Wedding films we are able to be everywhere, and yet nowhere. We are as transparent as possible throughout the entire day so that at most moments you won't even be aware we are there. And yet, at the same time, we miss nothing.

How do we do this you might wonder? Well, a large part of it is skill and experience, but there is one factor that makes all the difference: preparation.

We study and run through your entire day as a team before we even begin filming. We address stylistic choices regarding how to cover each and every moment, and also ensure that we capture everything important to you.

We have created a customized questionnaire that covers every aspect of the day so we know exactly who and what is (and is not) important throughout every moment of the day.

The questionnaire is so thorough that most of our couples find it extremely helpful with their own plans, as it sheds light on aspects of the day they may not have even considered.

Because of the questionnaire, we don't have to be constantly asking those annoying who is this, where is that, when does this happen etc... So we can be very transparent throughout the entire day while at the same time be exactly where we need to be to catch every teary-eyed smile, every warm embrace, every subtle nuance that makes your wedding unique.

There are thousands of tiny details that make your day special... thanks to our exclusive Wedding Day Questionnaire, we are ready for them all.

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