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How We Work with Your Photographers

Because we focus on filmmaking and do not offer photography - we get to work with various photography companies throughout the tri-state on every wedding.

One thing that photographers LOVE about working with us is that our style of candid and natural coverage enables us to completely stay our of their way. Because they have the difficult task of capturing single frames at key moments, we usually let them select the best position and we work around them. Because of the fact that a) our cameras are constantly rolling and b) our footage is more about motion than about still frames, we have a bit more versatility and can get amazing footage without having to be planted right where the photographer would want to be.

Whatever the case, we are all about communication and synergy, so we make sure to establish a good vibe and workflow from the moment the day starts. As a result, we get a tremendous amount of recommendations from the photographers we have worked with - a true testament to just how well we work together.

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